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Our soul has the power to change the entire mind programming and create a new personality.

What we think, how we feel, how we perceive our life, purpose of our life, our relationship with people and the world – our mind is the power who understands all these and can create a change where needed.

Our body is the hardware and mind is the software running it. The operating system which is the core is the soul.

Our brain has 100,000 Million Cells. Every cell is connected to 10,000 more cells in the body. So 100,000 Million multiplied by 10,000 possibilities are there for every thought to translate onto the body. So we need to take care of our every thought and feeling.

Irrespective of whatever has happened in the past, whatever the mind has created and however it has influenced the body, the soul has the power to change the entire mind programming and create a new personality.
Aim to be perfect mentally and emotionally and then work towards perfection.

In order to bring about a change, we should not think about what happened, why it happened and because of whom it happened. No blame game and no dependency. Focus completely on creating a new mind set with the help of spiritual inputs and regular Meditation.

World Health Organisation states that 7 to 10 percent people are suffering from psychiatric problems, 8 to 10 percent children and 10 to 15 percent adults are having mental health issues. One in four people are facing psychological issues, who need to do meditation. Meditation can solve their problems permanently.

When we compare ourselves with others with the aim of being perfect in our physical looks or achievements, we create jealously, hurt, frustration and emotional pain. Let us aim to be perfect mentally and emotionally and then work towards perfection outside to the best of our capacity.

While focusing on education, skills and talents outside, we need to pay attention to our values inside. Priority is to be a good person and then a good professional.

How to solve Mental health Disorders:

Eight to ten percent children are having mental health issues like attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder or emotional disturbances. In adolescents relationship with parents and peers create emotional issues. For adults marital and work stress affects the mental health

Normal for every soul is Peace, love, sharing, cooperation and compassion. When we shift from these to the nature of anger, hatred, competition and greed, we shift away from our mental health, Normal is not what the majority are doing. Normal is what is healthy and comfortable for us.

Negativity in our consciousness gets reflected in our thoughts and automatically a negative energy flows through the entire body. When this happens for long periods of time, it becomes the reason for psychosomatic illness

Happiness is not excitement of pleasure based on an event or achievement. Happiness means a stable response to situations and people, where each thought is positive and comfortable for us.

You can improve the chemical balance of your brain:

Every chemical reaction happening in the body – what we eat, how we breathe, we heal disease, our emotional and physical growth – every thing
requires power. This power is transmitted by the soul to the body through the faculty of the mind.

Genetics has 30% influence on the body, the rest is decided by our way of thinking, lifestyle and quality of interactions with others. When we create pure positive thoughts, we can influence the chemical balance of the brain.

Repeated patterns of positive or negative thinking, feeling the same emotions creates the same patterns in the brain. These permanent memories create our habits and Sanskaars (Impressions) and then we go into the automatic way of responding.

Daily creating pure thoughts patterns during meditation and then during activity in the day, will gradually change the old brain patterns and
therefore our Sanskars (Impressions).

Stop initial symptoms of stress in your mind to create a healthy mind and body:

Over thinking is like pressing the accelerator of the car even when it is not moving. We are using energy but not getting anywhere. We need to apply the brakes in our thinking.

The initial symptoms of stress can be seen in our mind, body and behavior and they come as a signal for us to protect ourselves. But when we start getting threatened by small situations and begin to create these symptoms too often then we are heading towards a disease.

Let us be aware our thoughts, the inner conversation with goes on while we are at task and consciously guide the mind to think only about the present, not about the past, future or about other people.

Let us not get used to living with an uncomfortable mind. We know our thoughts and can counsel ourselves, to consciously create a healthy mind and body.

Help children to develop their self-esteem
based on their qualities:

Children start creating stress at a very early age because of three reasons – catching vibrations of their parents from the time when they are in the
womb, copying behavioral patterns as they grow up and trying to achieve the pressure put on them by their parents and teachers.

Eeach of us Carriers an Energy field of electromagnetic waves of about 3 feet around us, called Aura, which depends on a state of mind. Everyone who comes in contact with this Energy field will get influenced by it.

Kids do not perceive stress because of situations, but can perceive that their parents are stressed and also create guilt if they feel that they are
the cause of the parent’s stress,

Help children to develop their self-esteem based on their qualities and not on the ability to perform. Constant pressure to perform and comparison with others depletes the emotional strength of a child.


© Copyright 2016: Spiritual Heals Research, India.
Disclaimer: Site is just for info, sans recourse. Results depends on your faith in God, efforts, Karma Cleansing & regularity. There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary. In emergency, take local professional medical help. Spiritual Heals is just a supplementary therapy, as such Patients should continue to take the medical treatment at their end, to get the benefits of Holistic treatment to get early healing.

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