Spiritual Heals Research, India believes couple of 1,000s reported benefited by this path of their psychological/ mental disorders & dreaded diseases, as reported directly to Bhrma Kumaries HO Mount Abu Dt. Sirohi Rajasthan India and their 8,500+ Centers worldwide, mostly in India. More than 80%, using this path are reported de-addicted of Drugs, Tobacco, Liquor etc., in 21 days, a record of course. Of the rest 90% are cured in a couple of months.
We at Spiritual Heals Research, India get calls of patients, their relatives & people with Depression, Mental Disorders, terminal illnesses, uncurable diseases, lifestyle ailments of all sorts and suicidal tendencies asking for guidance.

With God’s help, spiritual counseling and suicide prevention guidance, Brahma Kumaries HO reports 90% satisfied guests.

Most of callers with suicidal thoughts, mental issues, depression and anxiety, after Spiritual Meditation course are leading happy lives today, that is a record.

This is possible with God’s powers reaching them directly, in spiritual heals, during meditation.

Decades-old Migraine & constipation of my mother-in-law gone for life, with the meditation of 21 days, though results were visible after a week. Insomnia of three family friends solved. Depression of a family friend’s son gone, now passing tough exams of Chartered Accountants with good marks, with regular meditation.

– Ms. Minal, Mumbai, India

I was suffering from breast cancer and was operated once. It reoccurred after three years. Thanks for your guidance, I started practicing Spiritual Meditation, as part of my Holistic treatment, my Medicines and Yoga Pranayama regimen of Baba Swami Ramdev. For last three months there have been lots of improvement. All my tests are normal and I have recovered completely. I feel very energetic & back to my job.

– Ms. Anjum Patel, London UK

We always had troubles in 12 years of our married life and thought divorce is the only solution. My husband, though very loving and understanding had all the bad habits and messed up his life. Your spiritual counseling services saved our marriage. We understood astrologers fail as it is the bad deeds of our past life, which are punishing us in this life. Your guided meditation helped us in Karma Cleansing. We are a happy family now. Each couple should learn Spiritual Heals.

– Ms. Jessy Ray, Canada.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.
Thanks for your help Continuously. No more astrologers or Pandits. Spiritual Meditation is the best, my family is together and happy again. My MBA son is out of depression and is back on his new job. My daughter is now getting top marks in her Post Graduate Medical studies and is full of hope to pass in top grades. Thanks to the lady here, who guided me to you.

– N G Rajan, Germany.

Thanks for your step by step guidance, saved our marriage of 11 years, from the brink of divorce. Now we both are enjoying our married life. My potency is at its peak. I came out of depression, suicidal thoughts & miserable past. No more expensive drugs. We both are progressing well in life now after your counseling.

– Hetal Shah, NJ, US.

Cataract in both eyes is fully gone by Spiritual Heals path in just three months, though results were visible after 21 days of regular practice of meditation.
The prescribed allopathic drugs and eye drops were not reducing the cataract any bit. The Indian Ayurveda Medicines and herbal eye drops prescribed by Patanjali doctors started showing results after I followed your training.
Thanks for the step by step guidance, my eyes are Cataract free now. I can watch TV, read the newspaper and use a smartphone without glasses at 69+ age.
My eye surgeon was surprised and called in his entire team to understand as to how I could achieve this.
I just told them that it is simple and can be done by all. This is just a reward to those meditating with full faith in God, who acted as Super Surgeon.
I saved Rs.1,20,000.00 INR in operation costs, without a single day off from work. Keep up the good work.

– A K Lal, Age 69, Maharashtra, India.


Thanks for your guidance. In the first phone call, you convinced me to forget about Suicide.
I shall definitely meet you personally to thank you and show you how healthy and successful I have become with your counseling.
I realized that God exists only to help His children out of any problem.
My family of four and parents are indebted to you for saving my life.

– Gyani Singh, UP, India

Bhai Ji,

Sorry, for troubling you a lot last week, but now I am out of Suicidal thoughts, confidently solved my problems, one by one.
Doing Meditation daily and feeling much better. Looking after my business with positive thinking. It is showing good results, as guided.
Thanks for all the support.

– Simanta Bhandari, Assam, India

Thanks for saving my husband, he is out of suicidal thoughts. He became much better, by following you in 3 weeks. Now he is back to his business and normal.
Your counseling and meditation method saved our family.

– Ms. G J K, CA United States

Doctors had told me that my foot will be amputated due to Blood clotting, which is gone after meditation. Saved my foot. Stones in both kidneys are gone. My sister’s depression, due to the death of her young son is also gone. Hostile colleges in my office became cooperative. I even guide my clients to solve their problems with meditation, which everyone should learn & practice.

– Ganga Dhar, Karnataka, India

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