Living with HIV AIDS

What Pranayama techniques are required to cure HIV AIDS? Can the Yoga Pranayama techniques alone cure HIV AIDS? What Asanas do you recommend for HIV AIDS patients? Do I have to change my lifestyle habits in order to practice Yoga Pranayama for curing?
What are the Ayurvedic Medicines for Aids?
Thank you.
— Anonymous, UK
HIV AIDS patients need not worry at all, as it is now fully curable and help is just a call away. They must start doing Yoga Pranayama regimen, exactly as demonstrated by Swami Ramdev in his exclusive DVDs & 3 Books, Now you may get online this entire set of original & hologram DVD & 3 Books available at with us.
There is hope & excellent results. Your all medical/ mental condition can be solved by doing the Yoga Pranayama, as demonstrated by Swami Ramdev in his DVD & explained in his three books. may follow Swami Ramdev Ji’s teachings that Pranayama is effective in curing all diseases, with the medecines as prescribed by the Doctors of Patanjali Yohpeeth, Haridwar India.
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