No more Depression, Suicides, Failures

Help is available just a call away:

God has sent you on a mission to succeed only, but temporary obstacles, depression, failures are part of life like examinations in schools. No parent will send their children to such a school, which never takes exams. God also puts you thru real-life exams to strengthen your resolve to finally succeed, after small failures.

We are here to help you out of any mess in life. Why we, because God does not have a body, but He can always motivate & train somebody to do His this job.

Let me assure you that inspiration to make this site has come directly from God to me in India on a New Year day very early morning, in meditation, to help you all, who think they are in a mess and hopeless. Hope is the only permanent thing in this world.

Be assured God is on your side to help you out, but how will He be able to help you if you end your life? Please stop any Suicidal thoughts, just get over depression and win over failures as help is just a call away to us. Your first call to us is always FREE.

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