Spiritual Heals FAQs

Spiritual Heals FAQs

What is holistic treatment?

A human being is sum total of Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and Karma Accounts of good & bad deeds of past lives. Doctors treat the body only on the basis of symptoms, test reports & diagnosis. But in holistic treatment, we train you to heal the rest of four aspects of of the human beings, after understanding his/ her condition by 360 degrees assessment.  It acts as a catalyst and enhances the powers of the treatment to the body. Thus human beings are healed by holistic approach.

What is the definition of Health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
– World Health Organisation

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Are we all Healthy?

According to WHO, one in four people are facing psychological issues, which need to be addressed. 8% to 10% children and 10% to 15% adults are having mental health issues. 7% to 10% people are suffering from psychiatric problems which need treatment by meditation.

Do you want to dependent on these expansive medication regularly?

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Or you want to lead a happy healthy life in peace and harmony, without ant Depression & Anxiety?

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Who is Spiritual Healer?

Spiritual Healer is a medium who receives the vibrations from the Supreme Soul God in meditation. These vibrations then may be retained by him to heal himself or may be directed to another person to heal any ailment, physical or psychological. Healing Vibrations come from God. Spiritual healer is a just a conduit for the vibrations and God is the only source.

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Are there any fees?

Well we hate to charge for this Godly Service, but there is no free lunch in this world. Moreover, our experience proves that people follow our paid course religiously & with discipline and as a result get full benefits.

For the very poor and needy, donations may be arranged to pay the fees.

Fees depend upon the efforts required by our team to help you out.


Donations are welcome. It helps us to provide our services Free to very poor and needy, desperately needing our help. Just email us at spiritualheals@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +91 98223 57033 to donate for this noble cause.

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