What is depression?

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Inability to feel Happiness, peace of mind and bliss in life may lead to depression. Small tensions, negative thoughts, failures in life, fill the life to a triggering point, which may lead to the start of anxiety and depression. A person in deep depression may start feeling suicidal.

We feel low and we feel we are depressed and helpless to handle situations sometimes in life. We all feel such a situation occasionally and try to find its solution. After repeated failures, Suicidal feelings may creep in a depressed person. Even strong persons hide their depression from family, friends and doctors.

Is depression a disease of your false belief. Can I, you or anyone get into depression? Is it a common disease or we just feel depressed?

We find depression is, in fact, a disease. There are couple of treatments for depression and anxiety.

a. Medicines are prescribed by doctors. Psychotherapy is also done on a depressed person.

b. If gone serious, rarely electric shocks may be given to reduce depression. It may lead to madness.

c. Now Electroconvulsive therapy may be given to reduce depression

d. Psychotherapy analysis is done to improve behavior. Cognitive therapy is quite effective due to chemical imbalance.

In clinical depression, medicines dose may be prescribed for a year, during the first attack. If medicines are stopped, the second attack may come, a bit serious. If doses are stopped again the third attack may come. The fourth attack is very bad, which may lead to several problems like heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc due to stress and anxiety caused by depression. Don’t miss your medicines. If not treated, depression may lead to deep depression.

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