Who is God?

Almighty God is the Supreme Soul, the father of our Soul, called Lord Shiva. He is the father of all the sprits on this earth. He controls the entire Universe. He is eternal and is Father of mankind & our father too.

God is the Universal Light up above in the seventh sky. The Supreme Soul is Lord Shiva, called by different names as Allah, Noor-E-Ilahi, Param Aatma, Parmatma, Bhagwan, God, Ek Onkar, Jevoha in different faiths and religions.

All of us point our finger towards the sky when we refer to Him, the Supreme Soul. Why we always point our one finger upward only all over the world? Because our subconscious mind knows where the father of our Soul, the Supreme Soul resides.

All religions and faiths refer to the Supreme Spirit, as Universal Light as shown above. There must be one God acceptable to all, surely He is the one depicted above.

All of us, having different religions, faiths and way of prayers, believe in Him only and all people from any religion worldwide are welcome to learn spiritual healing.

As per Sanatan Dharma (Primordial faith) of India, the word GOD comprises of G+O+D, meaning as:

G for the Generator means Bhrama Ji, who creates this new world on our earth.

O for the Operator, means Vishnu Ji, who provides & sustains this world for 5,000 years in each Kalp.

D for the Destroyer, means Mahesh Ji or Shankar Ji, who destroys this old world to make place for the new world every 5,000 years on our earth.

God of Gods:

But there must be a head of three Gods. He is Supreme Soul Lord Shiva, the Supreme Spirit controller of the entire universe.

Each Kalp is of 5,000 years, divided into 4 equal periods of 1,250 years, called Yuga as follows:

1. Sat Yuga,

2. Treta Yuga,

3. Dwapar Yuga &

4. Kali Yuga. (the Present Period)

The last 100 years of Kal Yuga is called the Diamond period, during this period Bhrama Ji, recreates the new world order by enlightening the mankind with the Knowledge of Almighty Parmatama, Lord Shiva, the Supreme Father.

Supreme Soul, Lord Shiva gives his knowledge directly, using the corporal body of Bhrama Ji in India, during the final 100 years of Kal Yuga. Today we are nearing the end of this Diamond period also.

This earth is very old & above cycles keep repeating every 5,000 years.

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